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1.Integral Spiral Blade Stabilizers

Integral Spiral Blade Stabilizers is divided into string type and near-bit type according to the position differently, there are many ways to increasing abrasive resistance, e.g. tungsten carbide, it owns high hardness and great toughness, high resistance, long service life, and so on.

2.Straight Blade stabilizers

Integral straight blade stabilizer: Integral 3-straight rib stabilizer,integral 4-straight rib stabilizer,and Integral multi-straight rib stabilizer ,which working surface are provided with carbide insert compound and overlay,etc. The body is made from high strength alloy steel of heat treated.

3.Integral mandrel sleeve stabilizer

Integral mandrel sleeve stabilizers are made in two parts: One mandrel and one sleeve. The stabilizer is assembled by screwing the sleeve on the body and tightening these on the shoulder. The sleeve has been engineered to avoid any accidental unscrewing as to be easily replaced on rig.

4.Two Piece mandrel sleeve spiral blades

Two Piece mandrel sleeve spiral blades are made in three parts: two piece mandrel and one sleeve, the sleeve has been engineered to avoid any accidental unscrewing as to be easily replaced on rig.

5.Non-Rotary Stabilizer

Non-Rotary Stabilizers is composed of two parts, one is mandrel, anther is sleeve. Between the sleeve and mandrel can be relation. To improve useful time, the inner wall of sleeve and the surface of mandrel OD were treated to use special anti-wear. In addition to this stabilizers have the function of general Stabilizers, as the sleeve and mandrel can be relative rotation, can play a role in reducing the torque, to make drill assembly reduce torque resistance during work.

6.Stabilizer with Back-reaming

The stabilizer with back-reaming is selecting the appropriate location and through special processing method to array few teeth as a cutting edge. In this way, this stabilizer can be played cutting when the process of drilling and pull out. During drilling process, forward and backward redressing can be played the role to repair and maintain the wall of a well, making trajectory of borehole as far as possible, more often than not leading to drilling difficultly because of hole shrinkage, and so on, at the moment, the forward and backward redressing of this stabilizer can be played cutting, to eliminate hole shrinkage phenomenon, thus saving time and costs for drilling.

7.Diameter changeable stabilizers

Specifications Dia.Changeable range8填8-1/2

Remaks When ordering or requesting quotation, if size other than above specifications, please specify clearly!

8.Roller Reamers Type MF(Type DRType JY)

The Roller Reamer is designed for various reaming operation but particularly for stabilization purposes when drilling in very abrasive formations. It will fit hole sizes ranging from 6" to 28".In addition, each body by simple adjustment of blocks and proper selection of cutters, will suit a wide range of hole sizes.

Three different types (T,F and B) of cutters are offered:

Type T: Milled, machined with hardfaced sharp teeth for soft formations.

Type F: Milled, machined with hardfaced flat teeth, for medium hard formations.

Type B: Equipped with pressed-in tungsten carbide buttons, for hard formations.

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