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 Working principle

 fishing jar effects the top jarring action is by means of hydraulic mechanism which allows taper piston to move in cylinder and stores energy by raising drill tool . When the drill tool attached on the top of super fishing jar is raised , enough time is provided for drill tool to store energy due to the damping action between taper piston and sealing body in pressure body of super fishing jar. When taper piston moves to release bore, the drill tool shall suddenly attract and produce an upward dynamic load along with the instant unloading of high hydraulic oil . The reliable impact working face is designed in the product structure to ensure that large jarring force is provided to stuck fish (drill tool ). A desire return mechanism is designed in order to make a reciprocating jarring action. In order to make a rotation for drill tool in down hole and a circulation for fluid, CSJ type of super fishing jar pass torque by means of spline and meanwhile enlarge the watercourse as far as possible to meet the tests with exception of fluid circulation and other applications.

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