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  1.  Main diamond tools Milling tools Milling is the operation which gives a rough-sawn slab the planeity - or the profile - an even thickness and the surface finish required for the subsequent surfacing operations. The tools which do this are: one-piece face-milling plates, face-milling plates with removable diamond sectors, milling rollers, cylindrical grinding wheels and profiled grinding wheels.

 2. Sunrise equipped with full line of precise equipment for making Forging Die,Trimming Die,Stamping Die,Fixture and Inspection Gauges.

  3.    These equipments include CNC Machine Center,EDM,Wire Cut Machine and digit surface grinding machine,Mining Machina,Welding facilities etc,Our in house tooling allow us to quickly creat or repair a forging die while ensure controling and production performance.Our unique hard facing forging die technique is helpful to elongate die life and shorten the die repair time.In addition ,we have the expertise creat and produce machining fixtures and gauges for secondary operations or inspection if required

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