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Gate Valves Feature
• Integrated non-rising stem;
• Full bore design which effectively eliminate pressure reducing and whirlpool, reducing the wash to the valve body by the solid parts of the fluid.
• Metal to metal sealing design on valve body and bonnet, gate and seat.
• Overlaid with hard alloy on the sealing surface of the gate and seat in order to increase the wash performance.
• Valve stem is designed with back seal device, making the sealing ring easily changeable.
• Valve stem is designed with switch opening in order to survey the valve opening status.
• Valve bonnet side has sealing grease injecting valve, in order to increase the sealing and lubricate performance on the gate and seat.
  Choke Valves  Feature:
• Special actuator, power saving and convenient.
• Valve needle and valve seat are both using special high corrosion material and technology.
• It is high abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance, and long life time.
• Flow rate can be controlled very conveniently, reliable and stable.
• Suitable for Kill Manifold.

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