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Dongying Lake Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. ,which has passed ISO9001 Authentication, specializes to research, develop and manufacture the Mud Pump and its expendable parts and its technology & quality control are in line with API Spec 7K Standard.

The Products can be supplied:

1Mud Pump:


2.Plunger Pump:


3. Skid- mounted & Pump Unit for each kinds of pump said above.

4. Spare Parts and Expendable parts: With the specialized & batched production liner, we can supply power end assembly, fluid end assembly and its spare parts, which can be easily matched & exchanged with some international famous mud pump brand.


Lake Petro has best processing & test equipments, which can undertake maintenance & repair services for each kind of mud pump.


Lake Petro has its own import & export License and formed its unique style sale network & service image and the products have been sold to United States, Mexico, Canada, British, German, Egypt, Nigeria, Russian, UAE etc.


a)Piston Hub


  Piston Hub the material used is ASTM5140 or ASTM4140, the premium forged steel. Piston  has single action, double action, single action vulcanization and double action vulcanization piston ,which has A,K, B & L type. Outer round is determined based on the liner bore, it has 44.555.566.256.56.7577.257.57.758 and piston has  11-1/21-5/8. Double action piston has API-1#API-3#API-4#API-5#API-6#.



ͼƬ36ͼƬ39ͼƬ38                  ͼƬ43                 ͼƬ42





b) Piston Rubber


Piston Rubbermaterials used is or Polyurethane. They are divided intoA, K, B and K type and  the size will be determined based on the piston to be used.




c) Plate & Snap Ring


Plate & Snap Ringmaterial used is 20# steel plate, and it is completed throughfine machining & pressing.. Its size will be determined based on the piston to be used. Material of snap is adopted and used ASTM1066 and it is divided into AKBL type.


ͼƬ47 ͼƬ48


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