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Lake Petro is trying to ensure the Price and Produce time under the Chinas environmental Inspection
namelakepetro time2017/10/13 read1475fit

   Chinas environmental inspections will cover all provincial regions this year, This is the largest national- level inspection of record, most cities will face a strictly one year inspection over the air pollution, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP).
   Chinas environmental inspections have impact some industries, especially the steel and coal.we all knows that those have impact on the production of the oil equipment industry.
   The main material for power generation is coal, environmental inspection will be limited to enterprises to limit production, which has a great impact on our production time, especially for small and medium enterprises.On one hand,Lake Petro predict in advance to prevent deferred production, on the other hand, Lake Petro s cooperation company are fully in line with environmental standard, China's environmental testing on the full compliance with the emission standards of enterprises is not restricted production, so for normal of the products, Lake Petro will not delay the delivery period.
   Steel raw materials is continue to rise this year, so that the production costs is increase too. Lake Petro will adjust the price according to the market, but the extent is not so much. In response to changes in steel raw materials, Lake petro has been trying to reduce operating costs,saving and sourcing, to ensure the quality and maintain the original price is not changed. At present, the old customers hav