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A trip to Qingzhou in Autumn for Lake Petro Staff
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    On October 21th, Lake Petro company held an Autumn trip to the nearby Qingzhou City, almost all of company staff took part in the trip. During the trip, the staff climbed a small mountain in Qingzhou City, went sightseeing for red leaves, and visited a big flower market. They had a good time in trip and enriched their amateur cultural life.



    The staff leave for Qingzhou in the morning of October 21th, and arrived at Qingzhou City on about 10 o'clock. The Sun shined at everyone, it was a warm day. The staff began to climb the mountain and reach the top at noon. Almost all of tree's leaves turned from green to red, the beautiful sight satisfied all. The staff took photos together and have a good time on the mountain. After lunch, the staff visited the largest flower market nearby in Qingzhou City. They are amazed by all kinds of beautiful flowers there, and bought some bowls of rose and mimosa and got back to office in the evening.

    Lake Petro company always cares about enriching employee's spare time, the Autumn trip is also a relax during busy work. The company held Spring or Autumn trip every year as a welfare for employees. They can free their mind and enjoy the beautiful natural sight and breathe the free air of outdoors. After the trip, they are ready to be more positive at work and give better service to our client. And this is our goal of working. I believe us Lake Petro company could keep this spirit and complete more orders in the final competition of this year!

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