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New year, new opportunity, new challenge
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New year, new opportunity, new challenge 

    It was a great challenge for oilfield drilling and service company during the last few months in 2017,caused by the fast changing and reform of international oil markets.

    Lake Petro is one of member of the markets,which seeking the chance for making a big break through  even under the such a serious situation all over the world, so far, the company has been worked with many customer world wide,such as the Drillmec, National drilling company of Egypt, National company of  Uzbekistan, SOCAR Azerbaijan, Customer from Turkey, Indian, USA, Korean, South America, and other major country in the world.

    The company focus on the steady also a variable strategy to meet the customer need, We can provide customer different and customized solution individually, during the year, we have successfully provided customer a series of the parts for BOP and mud pump to our customers. Russian for example is one of these, since the markets is bad, the request for spare parts is becoming a mainstream of international need ,because more customer will keep their rig maintained, instead of purchase the new one for drilling.

    Another changing of strategy of the company is we have found and explore the new filed for the markets, the water and geothermal well drilling for example, We have sold many of these drilling casing/tubing head, Christmas tree to the country like Korea and Japan, there are lots sources for Geo and water drilling there, GRE pipe is another cases for these wells, it has been tested with good performance and more suitable for drilling, which is the popular sales of the company as well.

   Thanks a lot for all customers support during the year of 2017, we wish you have a nice pleasant     Christmas and new year. We are hoping more business with you.




 Customer from National Oil Company of Uzbekistan


                                                          Customer from USA 


                                    Some of The Products We Sold to Customer 2017


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