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A Large Number of Manifold Parts have been Delivered to Romania
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From the beginning of 2017 till now, Lake Petroleum has been keeping supplying manifold main parts, including mud valves, unions and pipe fittings to the very important Romanian clients. These main parts are installed in the Clients' workshop in Romania, and the final manifold will be used in various oilfield like Romain, Oman and Russia.

        This huge project was started at the beginning of 2017. The Romanian clients sent their most experienced engineers to Lake's facroty for evaluation. They had a very careful inspection on all the equipment and the whole production and processing line. After a comprehensive assessment, they decided a small order for trial. When the samples passed their final testing in Romania smoothly, they placed continuous order to Lake monthly. Nearly 200 mud valves and 300pieces of pipe fittitngs was ordered every time.

        The DEMCO type mud gate valves and the OTECO type pipe fittings, including elbows, cross and lateral cross, have been used by the clients. The good quality helped Lake People win more cooperations from the Romanian clients. Now more chances are coming.

        Adhering to the principle of quality first, Lake Petroleum is making a brighter future and creating a larger market.

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