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New Challenge, New Opportunity, New Cooperation
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During the years, the markets and economy for oil and gas has changed a lot, especially the "The Belt and Road Initiative" has bring many opportunity to connect the world, and it has helped many Chinese company like us to benefit from it.

So far, we have won many tender in Azerbaijan, Russian,and Kazakhstan, and other related country in Europe, the "road" has been make it more easier for transport which reduce from shipping time from 45 days to 25-30days normally, which make it more possible for a time-saving and faster deliver option for customer.

As a small company in sales lead, we proud of the the country, even if we face many challenge today, we are confident to say as description Chairman Xi said, "Chinese economy is a sea, not a pond". Chinese Road, Chinese bridge, Chinese economy, has made a great contribution to the world.

As a supplier for years, Lake petro always seeking and providing customer best options, this year, we won the SOCAR tender few times, a thousands of ton of LSAW pipes has been sent to Uzbekistan, and batch order from customer in European and Russian has bring a blooming business for Lake Petro,the new cooperation between Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, and the USA, has broaden and strengthen our business as well.

A great era make a great country, a great country make a better business between China and world, even if the power we have is small, but a thousands of business company like us will make China stronger. We would like to take every chance to work for the world, the road ahead will be long, we will work and make it better.

Part of shipment we made this year:

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